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As ADHDers we can be massive overspenders and based on our experience, many of you find themselves in tricky financial situations… That’s why you can get our resources for free if you can’t pay. 

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Join our supportive ADHD community & meet people just like you from all sorts of backgrounds! 
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Find our wide library of interviews with people just like you who have found their ADHD-Friendly purpose, doing what they love while getting paid for it!
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Those worksheets saved my life

As an architect, I tend to get lost quite often creatively, the worksheets from your free shop helped a lot & I go back to them often to organize my time. 


I finally know what to do with my life!!

As a late student & a person who had a late ADHD diagnosis, it’s quite easy to get confused about to do in the future… Your Podcast interviews on Patreon were super helpful to me in terms of figuring out what I want to do with my life. 


Why Is Our Shop Free?

No matter where you live in the world, you deserve to get help! Some people will be able to pay, and they always do, so we're very thankful for that.
But for the less privileged, we want them to know that someone's got their back!
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