Everything ADHD Bundle

The ULTIMATE ADHD resource bundle

Use ALL of our workbooks to thrive whilst living with ADHD.

✨ Understand the ADHD brain and symptoms to manage your lifestyle, finances, cooking and more!

✨ Set goals, document accomplishments and reflect regularly with our planners and trackers

✨ Improve your lifestyle by applying our recommended tips on managing ADHD

Whether you are undiagnosed or diagnosed, caring or managing someone with ADHD - this is the ultimate bundle to understand how ADHD affects every aspect of your life!

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ADHDoers ADHD starter pack bundle


We know how confusing it can be when we first have suspicions about ADHD...

So for those of you who are serious about pursuing a diagnosis, we did the heavylifting for you to avoid misdiagnosis.

And created the perfect bundle to:

✨ Assess yourself

✨ Track your symptoms

✨ Understand your ADHD brain

✨ Connect with your inner child & how you grew up with ADHD

✨ Share the results with your doctor, therapist, coach, family, etc.

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ADHDoers ADHD art of living workbook bundle

Master the Art of Living with ADHD

Save money & create the life of your dreams with carefully curated books meant to help you:

✨ Organize your thoughts, life, goals, house, meals, groceries, budgets and tasks.

✨ Plan for the future
✨ Understand what ADHD specific issues you're dealing with & fix them.

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ADHDoers ADHD new chapter bundle

Your fresh start kit!

Anxious about the future?
Overwhelmed by your day to day?
This bundle can help you:

✨ Take control of your life, schedule, and days.

✨ Get total clarity about what you want from your life

✨ Plan out your personal and professional goals

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