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The ADHD Brain Explained - Digital Printable Manual

The ADHD Brain Explained - Digital Printable Manual

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As an ADHDer, how can this book help me?

This book takes a wide, fun, and creative approach to providing a guide for recognizing and coping with ADHD, whether you’re a parent with a child who has been recently diagnosed with ADHD, an adult with ADHD, or you simply want to learn about It. 

Its main focus is to help you explore and get a bird’s eye view of ADHD and its impact on different aspects of life. 

we’ll help you get all the knowledge you need in a fun way that works with your unique ADHD brain.


About this Ebook :

This book will help you understand the different facets of ADHD and how it can affect you or a loved one. 

It goes through:

  • ADHD history
  • ADHD symptoms
  • ADHD Diagnosis 
  • ADHD & Men / Women 
  • ADHD & Its comorbidities
  • ADHD treatments
  • ADHD & coping mechanisms 
  • ADHD & eating disorders
  • ADHD & addiction
  • And much more…


P.s: The ADHD manual’s aim is to provide helpful insights and potential solutions, but It’s just one piece of a comprehensive mental healthcare plan.

If you haven’t been diagnosed but have experienced symptoms of ADHD, it’s best to seek professional help.

 Please note that everything presented, explained, or illustrated in this manual is for informational purposes only. We are not doctors. If you think you have ADHD or if you think you relate to any of the symptoms mentioned in this workbook, try seeking out a medical, psychiatric, or psychological assessment.

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Customer Reviews

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I love ADHDoers and what they bring to us all

loved this book!

The content was very interesting and helpful, can't recommend it enough!

Gabby C.
Inside look into the adhd brain

Very helpful and informative!