Joyner Lucas: A rapper Driven by ADHD

Joyner Lucas: A rapper Driven by ADHD

Rapper Joyner Lucas is a rap artist who has been rapping since the age of 12. His career started off with him signing with a major label when he was only 14 years old. He then released his first album, which was certified gold within two weeks of its release.

Joyner Lucas is just like you and me. He has ADHD. 

But it's not that easy to tell his story in a few words with just one sentence. So we'll have to use a lot more detail!

Q: When did Joyner get diagnosed with ADHD?

A: He was diagnosed as a child, He said in an interview that his parents said he was aggressive, fidgety, hyperactive, impulsive, etc… 

He explained that people surrounding him, including his own parents, made him feel like he was not normal and treated him differently as a result. 

Q: How did ADHD affect him growing up? 

A: He used to get in trouble at school for fighting or breaking things, or even just being late for class. 

When he was 15 years old, he tried to skip school with another student and got caught by local police officers who put them both in handcuffs for stealing a car and driving recklessly through town before crashing into an apartment complex

Q: Did he take ADHD medication?

A:  He began taking Ritalin when he was 12 years old after his mother saw him struggling with schoolwork and told him to take it. Now, the rapper says he can function without meds.

"I've been on [medication] for so long, I don't even know what it would be like not to have it," said Lucas. "I'm just always so tired."

Q: Has ADHD caused any significant challenges in his career?

A: Lucas said he realized that he had ADHD and identified with it.He said that he would often get distracted easily when he was writing rhymes and would have trouble staying focused on an idea for too long. But once he learned about ADHD, he realized that it was something that could be useful for his career as a rapper.

So he began incorporating ADHD into his music by writing lyrics about it and making references to it in his songs. 

Q: What tips does he have for fellow ADHDers? 

A: Joyner Lucas wants people to know that ADHD is not something to be ashamed of—it's just a different way of thinking about things than most people do!

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