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How can you prepare yourself before getting an official ADHD diagnosis?

Deciding to seek out an ADHD diagnosis is never an easy decision. Getting to that point of finally being aware of how you feel and admitting the fact that you might have ADHD could be a very long and tiring process. You can go from suspicion to doubt, from frustration to anger and have a really hard time understanding yourself and how you behave.



This process of realizing that you might have ADHD can be very consuming and could greatly impact how you feel about potentially having a mental health ⁄ behavioral condition. In order to avoid having any biased feelings towards getting diagnosed with ADHD, we have prepared for you a little 5 step guide on how to prepare yourself before seeking an official ADHD diagnosis.


  1. Take a moment to pause and reflect

Although as ADHDers we’re known to be very impulsive, a decision such as engaging in ADHD diagnosis evaluations is something that should be well thought of. This shouldn’t be something that freaks you out or makes you overthink what you’re going through, it’s simply a moment of pause to reflect on everything going on in your life before embarking on a journey of self-discovery and self-evaluation.


  1. Write down everything you feel ⁄ experience or think might be caused by ADHD

Keeping a journal where you log all of your thoughts, feelings, symptoms and experiences will help you tremendously when you’re trying to communicate your situation later on to your clinical expert. However, this step also helps you evaluate yourself and be aware of your own unique experience with ADHD.

  1. Get a before-taste of diagnosis tests by completing an ADHD quiz or a self-evaluation test

ADHD tests and quizzes can be of huge help when it comes to preparing yourself for an ADHD diagnosis. We have a full article on self assessments that you can check out here. These tools will provide you with a lot of information about yourself and how ADHD impacts you.


  1. Write down any questions ahead of time and take them with you to your diagnosis appointment

Try making sure that you have a list of questions to present to your clinical expert. This way you will set expectations for your appointment and know exactly what kind of information you’re looking for.


  1. Include your loved ones and close circle in your diagnosis journey

Having the right support system when you’re seeking an ADHD diagnosis is very crucial. The process can be very long and requires a big deal of engagement and dedication. Sharing this with someone you love and care about can give you strength and make your whole diagnosis journey much easier.



Everyone’s diagnosis process can be different. What could be easy and quick for you can take years for someone else. Therefore, preparing yourself the right way to embark on this experience is very important.

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