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Self-assessment quizzes, workbooks and tests are all over the internet, but are they really worth your time and money ?

Self-assessments are evaluations that you can do yourself if you think you may have symptoms of ADHD. These evaluations contain questions and real life situations that are common amongst ADHDers and help you reflect on your behavior. Self-assessments are definitely not diagnosis tools and can only be used as a first step in your journey of getting an official diagnosis. The accuracy of these evaluations can only be judged by the particularity of the questions asked, and how specific they are. Here are 5 reasons why ADHD self-assessments are helpful :

  • They give you a general idea on how your diagnosis process might go
  • As aforementioned, ADHD self-assessments contain various questions that range from  lifestyle related questions to physical health related ones. These same questions will probably be presented to you at a certain point in your official diagnosis process, which means that if you already took a self-assessment test, you will already know what to expect from your clinical expert. 

  • They help you understand your symptoms and behavior 
  • Self-assessment tests can give you clarity on how your symptoms affect your behavior. This way, you can understand what you feel and how ADHD affects your life. 

  • They give you more insights on ADHD
  • When taking ADHD evaluations, you automatically learn so many new things about it. ADHD is a complex condition that touches on many aspects in life and understanding it all at once can definitely present a challenge. By taking a self-assessment test, you discover all the many hidden aspects of ADHD that you had no clue about before.

  • They help you visualize your ADHD traits
  • Self-assessment workbooks are a great tool to help you visualize your ADHD traits and symptoms. Not only that, but they can also help you identify and report on how you feel and what you go through. If you’re looking to get assessed, we offer a clear and ADHD-friendly self-assessment and reporting workbook that can help you visualize and communicate your symptoms to your therapist, clinical expert, family or loved ones so you can go prepared and avoid the risk of a misdiagnosis. 

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  • They make it easier to take action and seek an official diagnosis
  • ADHD self-assessments make it a lot easier for people who fear going to doctors to build up the courage and seek an official diagnosis. Having a base to start off with and already getting a taste of what it feels like to go under an ADHD diagnosis test are all things that self-assessments provide and can definitely help you take the first step in your diagnosis journey. 

    Overall, self-assessment evaluations are a great tool to help you self-reflect and understand to a greater extent how you feel, how adhd affects you, and in what aspects of life it can interfere. 

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