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How can you communicate your ADHD to your family ?

As ADHDers, communication can definitely be a challenge for us, let alone communicating our ADHD to our loved ones and close circle.


What we feel and what we experience as people with ADHD is widely different from what people with no behavioral conditions, or other behavioral conditions go through. Being able to explain these differences and help others be aware of them is a task that can somewhat be complicated for us ADHDers. To help you with that, here’s a 4 step guide to better communicate your ADHD to your loved ones and close circle:


  1. Explain what happens from your perspective


Everytime you find yourself in a situation where you feel like your reaction to things is affected by your ADHD, try explaining explicitly how you feel to the people around you. This way, they will be aware of the fact that you might perceive and feel things differently.


  1. Share with them your ADHD resources


All the videos that you watch, the articles that you read and even the pages that you follow on social media can be great resources to share with your circle. Sometimes, they can even explain ADHD in ways that are more precise and to the point.


  1. Watch videos or shows on ADHD, or have characters that are ADHDers


Once again, ADHD related videos can be an amazing tool to let people in on what you go through as someone with ADHD. Shows that mention ADHD or even have characters that have ADHD are a perfect way to portray to the person you’re explaining your ADHD to what exactly goes on inside your head and how to handle it.


  1. Share with them your self-assessment booklet results


Another way to communicate your ADHD experience to your circle is to share with them your self-assessment results which we actually offer at our website.

You can fill out this self-reporting booklet to better understand your symptoms and how ADHD affects you & communicate that with the closest people to you


Having a support system that understands you fully and knows exactly how having a behavioral condition can impact you is very important. Following this simple guide will create a big positive impact on your relationships and also on how people treat and perceive your ADHD.

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