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Fears that ADHDers have when it comes to diagnosis

Having a mental health or a behavioral condition can fill us up with many fears. As ADHDers, our symptoms sometimes can consist of having many worries about the way we act, the way we talk and even the way we’re perceived. In this article, we will uncover the most popular ADHD diagnosis fears.


  1. If you get diagnosed with ADHD, people will start doubting your mental abilities

This is one myth that a lot of ADHDers hear about. Some people who have false perceptions of ADHD think that ADHD can alter your brain abilities. This is obviously scientifically proven false information. However, many people still believe it which makes ADHDers skeptical about being officially diagnosed because they fear the way they’ll be perceived.


  1. The fear of being labeled “lazy”, “uninterested” or straight up “careless”

One thing that we hate as ADHDers is being labeled as something we definitely aren’t, especially when it comes to something that our ADHD generates. Many ADHDers fear getting an official diagnosis because they don’t want to be seen differently.


  1. The fear of being misunderstood

ADHD is one of those conditions where a lot of people completely misunderstand it for something it isn’t. The fear of being misunderstood or even judged is what stops a lot of ADHDers from seeking an official diagnosis.


  1. The fear of being misdiagnosed with a condition you don’t have

Since ADHD has many comorbidities and shares a lot of common symptoms and traits with other conditions, many ADHDers have fears that they might get diagnosed with something else that they don’t have such as anxiety, depression or even BPD. By the way, we have a self-diagnosis booklet that you can fill out before embarking on your diagnosis journey. It will allow you to identify, visualize and report your symptoms to make it easier for your clinical expert to assess you and to give you the most accurate diagnosis. You can check our website to find it !


Having some of these fears or even all of them is totally normal. Seeking an official ADHD diagnosis is not an easy decision. However, it can be life-changing in all the best ways possible.

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