Sophie    Age: 28    England Uk

Sophie Age: 28 England Uk

What do you do for a living? Do you love it?

I own several businesses: a swim school, a cat (and other small pet) sitting business, and a baking business.

I love them all, on and off but always the cats. But overall, yes, having variety and owning companies is perfect for me.

How does ADHD show up in your life?

  • Oh, everywhere.

  • Managing businesses.

  • Dealing with employees, friendships, and relationships.

  • I'm very hyperactive and impulsive, hence all the businesses.

  • I travel a lot and am always booking trips on impulse. I always have a new favorite hobby until I get bored and find another.

  • Life swings between the extremes of "perfect" functioning and none at all.

  • I'm super clumsy.

  • I also have Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and dysautonomia, which are very comorbid with ADHD!

    How were your school years?

    Not spectacular, A student who gave up caring about 13, still got the grades but had lots of issues attending and completing work.

    I tried college twice, received poor grades the first time, and was expelled the second time.


    How did you feel right after getting your diagnosis? Did it help in your career?

    I was relieved to finally know what was up with me! I had already been working for myself for many years, so had worked out how to work around my issues for the most part, but I've now had support through access to work and feel less guilty for delegating tasks to those better suited to them.

    Do you think you "look like" the ADHD stereotype?

    Aside from being female, probably yes, but no if it's the boy stereotype.

    What are you struggling with currently?

    After the effects of medication Finding joy in what has become quite monotonous around work

    What are your ADHD strengths in life?

    • Very passionate and excitable

    • Always trying new things rather than worrying about failure

    • Generally good company

    • Very compassionate and loyal

    What about your ADHD strengths at work? What do you think makes you really good at what you do as an ADHDer?

    Go-getter starting multiple businesses, lots of energy and time put into new tasks, goal-driven, understanding of employees' feelings and differences in learning styles, etc., caring and enthusiastic


    How would it change your life if you had been diagnosed earlier?

    Not feeling like a failure, I potentially found a better-suited vocation sooner, although I was lucky to fall into it at 19.

    More support at school and college. Possibly not leaving home at 18.

    What things do you do or use in your daily life that helps you the most?

    • Phone notes to write reminders for everything and set alarms.

    • phone calendar to add tasks I need to do that day that can be deleted or moved around easily.

    • lots of exercises and downtime.

    What are some tips that helped you perform better at work?

    Delegate, delegate, delegate. Just start and I will always end up doing way more than the minimum I set for myself, finding new ways to be inspired by the same thing.

    What about school?

    I didn't do my homework, skipped lessons so as not to be told off, and got straight A anyway.

    Do you ever feel scared that ADHD might ruin what you have built/achieved?


    What advice would you give someone who’s worried about ADHD ruining their chances of being successful?

    The only thing that will ruin your chances of being successful is not trying. Be aware of your shortcomings and work hard to account for them.

    What are your best hacks and tips to thrive with ADHD?

    • Get things done early in the day.

    • surround yourself with people who truly understand and support you.

    • advocate for yourself but don't view it as an excuse.

    • find something you're passionate about.

    • eat well & exercise.

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