The 13 Natural ADHD Remedies Toolkit

Unlock Your Potential: Proven Ways to Boost Focus and Energy without medication


✨ What You’ll Get:

👉Actionable Tips

  • 13 Proven, Natural Remedies to boost your focus and energy immediately

👉Visual Reminders

  • 1 Printable ADHD-Remedy Cheat Sheet for immediate solutions
  • 1 Printable Priority Matrix to reach your goals

👉Examples Of Use

  • 10 Practical Pro Tips to jumpstart your journey towards consistent ADHD success
ADHD Brain

What to expect

If you constantly struggle with getting focused, motivated and/or energised - this toolkit is for you.

- Supplements
- Specific Forms of Exercise
- ADHD Sounds

..and lots more, inside you’ll find 13 proven, natural hacks to help you manage your ADHD and take control of your life - all without medication (and coming from someone who actually has ADHD and knows the struggle).

Whether its losing weight, starting your own business or just cleaning the house, any form success starts with a strong base - and this kit provides you with all the necessary building blocks to lay your own foundation without crash-and-burn after effects. 

Why experts recommend it

Jay Perry, MCAC

Master Certified ADHD Coach

“I love that Nik’s work is rooted in his personal experience and presented in a way that appeals to an ADHD brain. Each page of 'Natural Remedies' is valuable in and of itself while serving as an opportunity for further learning and exploration."

Astrid McGuire, ACA

Licensed ADHD Coach

“Being an accredited ADHD coach this ebook contains exactly what I encourage all my clients to do. These foundational elements are essential to a life of more focus and energy. Highly recommend this e-book to anyone on their ADHD journey”

Aron Croft, M.S.

Founder at hiddenadhd

"Out of sight out of mind is truly solved with those visual reminder sheets!"

why people recommend it 

George Pasenidis

WOW!! Thank you so much!! Worth every cent


Such a helpful toolkit with practical solutions that are easy to implement. I can’t tell you how good it feels to receive advice from someone who clearly understands the challenges we face. Very empowering!


So awesome to see affordable tools. Most can't afford to get a diagnosis so having natural affordable tools amazing!!!!!!!!!

About Me

Hey, I'm Nik.

I received my ADHD diagnosis 6 years ago and have been on a journey of self discovery and brain-mastery ever since.

After countless self-help books, frustrating medication experiences, and extensive experimentation, I finally discovered powerful tools and strategies to naturally enhance my focus, energy, and clarity, reliably and with no side-effects.

With these techniques in hand, I achieved remarkable success, earning four promotions in under three years at my first full-time job which allowed me to quit my 9-5 and pursue my passion for creating impactful, self-help content that actually makes a difference.

That's why I founded ADHDVision, the fastest-growing ADHD channel on social media, where I educate people about their brains and teach them how to thrive with ADHD.

After amassing over 200 million views and 2 million subscribers, I'm now working on developing products and services to further enhance the lives of individuals with ADHD.

And I’m just getting started

Get all the answers you need to naturally thrive with your brain in 2023! 

This Toolkit is Unlike any other...

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Skip reading 100s of self-help books and find out what actually works for the ADHD brain in 2023.

I’ve compiled the most essential information on how to improve your focus, energy and clarity naturally from my over 500 videos to fit onto 30, visually appealing, easily digestible pages.

Practical Tips:

We live in a world with an overflow of information.

You’ve probably heard all about the things you SHOULD do…but how can you actually start and stay consistent doing them with your unique brain?

Every remedy in the toolkit includes self-tested, practical tips on how to actually make these work FOR you, instead of making you feel guilty.

Visual Reminders:

After purchasing the e-book your brain will want to forget about it and move on to the next shiny thing..this is the ADHD way.

But don’t worry, we got you covered.

The toolkit includes 2 printable pages - The ADHD Cheat Sheet and The Priority Matrix.

The ADHD Cheat Sheet contains a summary of all the 12 remedies as well as 1 practical quick implementation tip for each on 1 A4 page, so you can pin it up next to your workdesk, fridge or bathroom mirror as a daily reminder of what you can do to feel better immediately.

The priority matrix will help take it step by step, help not get overwhelmed by tracking your progress, and remind you that its about the journey..not the destination.

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