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The 99 ADHD-Friendly recipes cookbook - Easy & Yummy recipes

The 99 ADHD-Friendly recipes cookbook - Easy & Yummy recipes

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About the product:

In this resource you will find:
99 yummy recipes 🍴 :
-33 breakfast ideas,
-33 main dish recipes,
-33 deserts

How can this book help me as an ADHDer?

As ADHDers, we really struggle to multitask and we usually get distracted easily.
This can make cooking difficult because there is a constant need for attention, following directions and completing tasks in a timely manner.
To help with that, we created an amazing ADHD- friendly cookbook with the help of a certified nutritionist.
This workbook features 99 anti-procrastination quick, easy, yummy and healthy recipes to help you better focus, concentrate & brighten your mood, including budget-friendly whole foods and vegan alternatives plus sweet treats that we just don’t want you to miss.

Please note that everything presented, explained, or illustrated in this manual is for informational purposes only. We are not doctors. If you think you have ADHD or if you think you relate to any of the symptoms mentioned in this workbook, try seeking out a medical, psychiatric, or psychological assessment.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

There are some really easy recipes in here, which I really appreciate! I also love that a lot of them use similar ingredients so that I can get used to keeping certain things in stock and having flexibility with what I make. I like that there are notes for what substitutions work well if you don't have some ingredients. And some have suggestions for vegans too.

Rosie P.

Easy reading for an adhd brain 😊

Shweta M.

Love it. Thanks a lot

Russell S.

There are a lot of sweet potato recipes! Which people love but I’m not sure about. I love the format and they all seem short and sweet with easy to have on hand ingredients. I am going to give a few a try.


I got the main course package, and it's a good product. It's one of the only ADHD cookbooks where someone with ADHD can actually cook the recipes. They don't have too many ingredients, and they are not super time consuming or tricky to cook. I honestly don't think they need to be as low-carb as they are. A little bit of carbs in order to be easier to make and a little more filling would be good. Still, definitely one of the only good ADHD cookbooks out there.