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Exceptional course! I've struggled with ADHD my whole life, but this course helped me see it from a completely different perspective. The daily emails are easy to digest and full of actionable advice. The breathing and mindfulness techniques have particularly helped me stay focused during the day.

Martin L.

I've tried many resources to manage my ADHD, but nothing quite like this course. The nutritional guidance and exercise tips are game-changers. I'm feeling more in control and focused than ever. Highly recommend!

Sophia T

A great course for those looking to manage their ADHD symptoms better. The daily emails were insightful and engaging. I appreciated the inclusion of the latest research, especially around the benefits of Omega-3s and brain-boosting supplements. Would have loved more content on coping with ADHD in professional settings, though.

Ali K


"ADHDoers is a dedicated team of individuals passionate about creating educational content to empower those with ADHD. We believe in using a strength-based approach to manage ADHD symptoms and enhance quality of life."