The No-Judgement Zone Where ADHDers Get 1% Better Every Day.

Join other ADHDers who are already changing their lives through the monthly ADHD-Friendly challenges!

For ADHDers By ADHDers

The ADHDoers Academy was imagined by ADHDers looking for the same solution to our problems… Which is the inexistence of personal development resources that fit the way our brain works. 

So we created the solution ourselves! 

Here is what you can expect inside

Participate in monthly challenges designed to be achieved by ADHDers to get you 1% better every day!


Our doctor, therapist, ADHD coach, nutritionist & fitness coach are ready to help and answer all of your questions. 


A good rule of thumb when it comes to challenges is to never do them alone, that’s why we built a community of equally motivated people to do it together!

We want to help all ADHDers, not just the elite!

All ADHDers are welcome to join us, after all, it’s well deserved for what we’ve had to endure throughout our whole life. 
That’s we chose an affordable price that everyone can afford! 









Start at The Beginning of Each Month

Join the academy in the last 10 days of the current month & meet the other challengers. Once the new month starts, get access to the instructions and start the challenge.

0-Risks involved

When you join the academy, you get a 14 days No-questions asked refund guarantee.

Available Anytime & Immediate Support

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See what Our Members are Saying About Our Service.


The ADHDOER’S Academy is exactly what I needed! I’ve been trying to meditate daily / wake up early for years and I would fail. I’m just so grateful to have this in my life. So happy.

Benjamin Luke

Great experience!

The ADHDoers challenges have helped me build some healthy habits into my daily self-care practice. It has been especially useful during a tough time in my life to have these challenges to motivate me.

Adamina Carden