What does ADHD Boredom feel like?
Why don’t ADHDers tolerate Boredom?
How to cope with ADHD Boredom?

Pov: You’re reading this because you’re fed up with feeling painfully bored. The truth is, we’re not Michael Jackson, and we won’t tell you to ”Just Beat It!“. But we can suggest handy dandy coping mechanisms after describing how it feels to be bored as an ADHDer, and explaining why it’s such an intolerable sensation.

What does ADHD Boredom feel like? 

Oxford dictionary defines boredom as a weary sensation that results from being unoccupied or lacking interest blah blah blah… If you have ADHD, you probably didn’t actually enjoy reading that just now. Why? Well, because it bored you.

 ADHD Boredom is :

 – Not being able to go to the doctor’s appointment, just because you hate waiting in line.
– Freaking out about forgetting your phone home since that’s your main stimulant
– The danger of passing a slow driver when it’s unsafe.
– When you’d rather hang up the phone if the wait time is slightly annoying. 
( Tip 1: It might occur when you call 911, but don’t hang up..seriously though…if you can..)
Texting people just to have someone to talk to. 
(Tip 2: don’t text your toxic ex for the love of God !)

Why don’t ADHDers tolerate Boredom?

Well, Dopamine is to blame. Why? Let us break it down for you. 


ADHDers have extremely low levels of Dopamine which results in bored and under-stimulated ADHD brains. The reward center, therefore, acts like a Bluetooth ”Your reward center is deactivated”. Motivation, who? Stimulation? We don’t know them.

We get the point, low dopamine in ADHD brains = no stimulation from the reward system= BOREDOM! 


But why is it that excruciating, it’s just boredom isn’t it?

Tell that to someone who suffers from ADHD and watch a hell portal of rage unlock in front of you. 

As we explained earlier, as ADHD brains are craving stimulation, they are constantly seeking more brain arousal. Some might even be tempted by an excess. Because if some stimulation is good, more is merrier. Hence the physiological discomfort in the reverse situation.

ADHD Coach, Andrew Lewis shared how severe the discomfort is when he stated: I get bored, very bored, painfully bored […] Boredom is the greatest curse of my life and the worst symptom of my ADD/ADHD.’’

How to cope with ADHD Boredom?
How to cope with ADHD Boredom? Infographic

Word from ADHDoers :

 We know that it’s particularly difficult for your brain to go through under-stimulation, but we believe in you and your capacity to surpass boredom by adjusting to some of the coping mechanisms, or creating some of your own !