Is ADHD Medication Bad For you?

ADHD medication

ADHD medication... What a controversial topic, right? Some people don't like it, some think their whole world changed because of it. So the opinions differ from person to person. 

Therefore, before talking about this, I’m gonna have to drop on you some hot’n juicy disclaimer: 
 I’m not a doctor, and this shouldn’t be taken as medical advice, I am just sharing my opinion about ADHD medication, drugs, and stimulants. 

Maybe you're reading this because you are tired of the judgments of people who are telling you that you're drugging your kids, maybe it's because you're not feeling the same anymore under their effect and you hate it... OR, you've read what the inventor of “ADHD” Leon Eisenberg himself saying, quote on quote: “ADHD is a prime example of a fictitious disease”

Well let me tell you, I agree with him, it is a fictitious disease, but definitely not a fictitious difference.

ADHD does exist, but I wouldn’t really call it a disease. You just can’t alienate a group of people with different brain functions just because they’re a minority.

If it was actually a disease, we wouldn’t see any phenomenally successful people with ADHD. 

Now the thing is, we only see them succeed in specif careers. What do I mean by that? 

We usually see them perform above average when they choose careers such as being a coach, programmer, designer, entrepreneur, athlete, doctor, therapist, actor, artist, actor, gamer etc. Now the persistent pattern between all of these careers is the fact that they're jobs that provide them with high flexibility and freedom. Not only that, these are careers that give us enough room to be creative and use our own judgment. Not just doing what's supposed to be done. 

I have ADHD, and one time, when I lived in Paris a couple of years ago I applied for a job to manage inventory for pharmacies. In fact, I actually wanted to do it so that I can try working for someone because I never had a job before.

Needless to say, I worked for 12 hours total ( 2 days ) and then sent them an email telling them that I couldn’t do it anymore because it made me depressed.

I got paid like 100$ or so for it though so that’s quite cool. 

So apart from the flexibility side, passion plays a HUGE role in whether or not you will succeed at something.

Just put it this way, an ADHD brain can’t and will never succeed at something that makes it bored. Basta. 

For example, my father had ADHD but he ended up being a surgeon. That didn’t stop him from being good at school and med school. Nope, in fact, he was so passionate about it that he was hyperfocused on it pretty much all the time. 

Now some trolls will definitely be saying things like “yeah well, you know there are a lot of people who don’t succeed with ADHD, you’re talking about the minority”

Of course, success demands sacrifice, ADHD or not, successful people are always gonna be a minority. We’re only talking about how likeliness, and not decisive facts. 

But still, an obsessed ADHDer will definitely outperform a neurotypical person in certain fields. 

How about medication?  

Well, if you, as an ADHDer right now, are not doing what you like, your life will likely be pretty much like hell on earth. This was me a few years ago going to business school thinking I’ll learn about starting a business and ending up studying concepts that I didn’t need to know at that time and made no sense for me to know either way. Because the best type of knowledge is just in time knowledge and not just in case knowledge, we need constant and real-time feedback about what we learn. We need to test whatever we learned right away and see how it interacts with the world otherwise our busy brains will not be able to memorize that specific set of knowledge because we simply don't know how and why it's needed, and where will it be used. Basically, there is no place for it in our mental models as we're more like real-life action hunters. 

Therefore, If your life feels like hell because you're struggling daily with figuring out how to make something that doesn't fit the function of your brain actually fit with it, then you most likely feel like you need medication, and you do need it. Otherwise, everyone is gonna treat you like and think you are a loser.

But what life are you living if you’re not doing what you like and you need medication that will force chemical changes in your brain in order for you to just function properly?

Now, I’m not saying medication is generally bad, no. In fact, I’m all for using stimulants to hack. Whether we’re talking about psychedelics, caffeine, cocaine, weed, whatever, if it serves a purpose, it’s justifiable. If abused, it’s unacceptable.

What do I mean by hack then? Well, imagine you’re a business owner, you’re definitely gonna have to do things you hate occasionally while running your business. These periods will usually require a lot of focus from you on some boring things and these things just can't be outsourced... What do you do? Go for medication... Of course. 

That's what we call a hack. 

Let’s say you’re a student then, you generally love most topics but hate a few, and you struggle A LOT with them. My opinion on what to do? I’d say go for it when studying the few.

You see, ADHD or not, these meds will help you focus, that's why they're being abused by students all over the world... And that's bad.  

The whole point of this blog is one thing, find the balance, do what you like, look for flexibility. 

ADHD medication is relatively safe when consumed properly, the stigma around it is idiotic, and the stigma around ADHD is also idiotic. There is a solution for every problem, you just have to care enough to find the best one and optimize it. 

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