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What Should I Do During The Coronavirus Lockdown if I have ADHD? Plus List of Skills to Learn.

                    I'm one of those people who, if I don't have a specific structure, I just spiral down the chaos black hole, and I'm sure many ADHDers are exactly the same. In most cases, we wake up, and we don't even have to spend precious mental energy thinking about what we could do. Now as the founder of ADHDoers, I naturally created systems that serve as anchors for my productivity. Things like going to the gym, going to the office, etc. are what give me enough momentum to crush my to-do list & when I do, I'm happy. However, this time, everything came suddenly, and I just got super lost. Kinda like the image...

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My Simple Fix to ADHD Chronic Procrastination - The Interconnected EPODS Concepts

Everyone wants to be more productive as individuals, kinda like a version of the limitless guy after taking the pill... But with ADHD being productive is really tricky as you will have to get into a flow state and not stop until you finish. This could be draining sometimes and might not leave a positive experience that your brain could recall the next time you want to work. Therefore it gets harder & harder to start. But here is the thing, what if you could make it easy to start? What if all you had to do was wake up and sit on your computer? In order to get rid of procrastination, we'll talk about 5 concepts that I've found out to...

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