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We Make Personal Improvement Resources ADHD-Friendly, Accessible, and Affordable.

The education system has failed us. It did its best, so no need to blame it... How else can you educate millions of people as efficiently as possible? Standardized education seemed like the only answer a century ago... But the problem is that the world changed exponentially, while the education system was barely iterated and is changing in a linear way. Unfortunately, ADHDers have suffered from this situation the most simply for their difference in learning and being. 

It's all about to change now! The education system is switching from centralized to decentralized. And we're here to offer you the best education *THAT FITS YOU* you can find. 

We're also here to empower you and support you. 
While following a strict "No Sugar coating" rule because we're here to turn misery into opportunity, not make you drown even more in it. 


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What Can Amine & Maurice Help You With?

Amine & Maurice are an Ex-digital marketer & an ex-Strategic Corporate Consultant - Respectively - who decided to use the experience & principles they learned in those fields as well as their countless coaching with other experts that helped them keep their performance at its peak to create an easy-to-follow customized coaching program that most ADHD professionals can use and thrive with.

Now, they help ambitious ADHD professionals manage their ADHD in the modern world using modern & new-tech tools in a way that uncovers their gifts by getting the best & most out of it while minimizing the worst, so they can enjoy their life, feel better, function at their fullest potential, and do more in less time and with less stress and suffering at work, at home, by themselves, and with others, whether that is family members, friends, or co-workers.

They are the experts every army looks for before war - So if you're thinking about taking part in a war against your ADHD, conquer it, and enjoy its countless benefits, but need someone to analyze your strengths, weaknesses, and environment with years of experience managing ADHD -

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